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High-Quality Service

As an affiliate for GetShredded, you can confidently promote our fitness platfrom knowing that you are endorsing a top-quality service. Our experienced team of coaches, dietitians and trainers provide expert guidance, coaching, plans and ebooks that have helped 10000+ people achive their body and fitness goals.

Lucrative Commission

We offer a highly competitive commission structure for our team members, with generous payouts for your successful referrals & sales. By promoting GetShredded, you will earn passive income that can help supplement your existing income or even become a primary source of income.

After your first full 2 months of working with us if your bringin in above (10000USD/Month) we can introduce a base payments system starting from the 3rd month onwards (Granted your the results of your work don't heavily decline or cease to exist.)

Easy to Promote

Our service is designed to be easy to promote. We provide our team members all the marketing materials they need to promote GetShredded effectively. From banners and photos to social media posts and custom referral links, we make it easy for you to share Getshredded with the world.

Change More Lives

By becoming our team member at GetShredded, you are actively helping people achieve their fitness goals. Getting your dream body is a complex and challenging endeavor, but with GetShredded, our members have access to expert guidance and results-driven methods that can help them achieve their goals with confidence and ease.
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