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Work spanning 60+ countries and 5 years.

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What a service! I've achieved body fat beyond my previous expectations with your coaching.

Lia H.
GetF1T Coaching Client

You guys helped me lose all my belly fat and build almost 7kg-s of muscle, something that I never thought I was capable of.

Jamie B.
GetF1T Coaching Client

Even though I had a busy live with work and familiy you guys still helped me become the version of myself that I always wanted to be! I lost soooo much fat, thank you!

Matt Sch.
GetF1T Coaching Client

Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers

We've Highlighted a Few of Our Outstanding Reviews from our Dear Clients & Customers :

I am ecstatic and appreciative of GeShredded fitness coaching. My physical appearance and confidence have changed thanks to their knowledge and direction. They are the finest option for accomplishing your fitness goals thanks to their individualized approach and unwavering support .I highly recommed them !

Jordan S.

GetF1T Coaching Client

I'm incredibly grateful for your fitness coaching guys ! Thanks to your guidance, I finally shed the stubborn fat I've been struggling with for the past years. Highly satisfied with your exceptional coaching service and results

Jacob B

GetF1T Coaching Client

Hey there im Claudia !
You people transformed my body into a perfect blend of toned curves and targeted muscles. I'm incredibly grateful for your expertise and guidance. You've helped me achieve the ideal physique for a lady in my opinion with muscle in all the right places. Thank you again !

Claudia Sch.

GetF1T Coaching Client

GeShredded coaching has transformed my physique effortlessly !
Their plans and guidance has helped me achieve a sculpted, lean body beyond my expectations. I'm a genuinely very satisfied and grateful for their expertise. Highly recommend GeShredded for those seeking remarkable results with ease.

Mark S

GetF1T Coaching Client

Sooo GeShredded's "Skinny to Curvy" program worked absolute wonders for me!
In just 12 weeks I transformed my body into a curvy, toned, and undeniably sexy version of my former self.
Their diet and training plan which they included was the perfect guide for my journey. I couldn't be happier with my results. Thank youu so much for making me feel confident and empowered again : )

Katie H.

GetF1T Coaching Client

This diet and training program was a game-changer for me. I was previously a very skinny guy and I wanted an aesthetic and muscular body. Their program gave me exactly that and so much more. I'm amazed at how much I grew in such a short time.I absolutely couldn't be happier with the results I got . If you're looking to go from skinny to muscular I highly recommend this program for you my friends

Ahmed B.

GetF1T Coaching Client

With your expert coaching I lost an astonishing 20 kg-s of fat and also gained muscle simuItaniusly, something that never thought is possible. You people provided me effective workouts, personalized nutrition guidance, and constant support throughout my transformation journey. The WHOLE program exceeded my expectations :)) and I'm now very confident & happy,
I will strongly recommend your coaching to my friends from now on

David C.

GetF1T Coaching Client

The 16-Week Coaching Deal was an experience that changed my life. I changed my body and thinking, lost 30 kg, and added muscle. The advice and encouragement I received from my coach were great, and they helped me gain confidence and understanding about nutrition and fitness. I advise anyone looking for a transforming fitness journey to check out this program. Thank you, coach, for transforming my life and giving me the tools I need to design the body I want.

Jason H.

GetF1T Coaching Client

Grow into the person you've always wanted to be.

Sign up to the GetF1T Premium Membership and as you progress you can also seek the attention of one of our Expert Coaches for a 1 on 1 Mentorship!

Build the the healthy & strong body you've always wanted.

Sign up to the GetF1T Premium Membership and as you progress you can also seek the attention of one of our Expert Coaches for a 1 on 1 Mentorship!

Become a fitter individual, GetF1T with us!

Sign up to the GetF1T Premium Membership and as you progress you can also seek the attention of one of our Expert Coaches for a 1 on 1 Mentorship!

Week 0: 1:1 Start of your Journey
We do your Personalized Assessment & build perfect routine tailored to you. We assess your needs & give you invaluable fitness knowledge!
Week 1: Start of YOUR Journey
This is where you get all your custom materials and all the tailored plans and tools necessary for you to get the best results possible as fast as possible!
Week 6: Visible Results & Upping the Difficulty
By Week 4-6 you're already seeing some incredible results, progess on your body,at this stageyour coach will up the intensity.

Your Body has already gone through some incredible changes at this point.

“We absolutely guarantee our client's success because we give you our full and undivided attention, all our resources, guides and plans and access to our whole team's knowledge, making the chance of failure next to none."

Head Coach, Founder and CEO of GetShredded

Week 8-12: You have a Different Body...
By Week 8-12 your body looks massively improved & different compared to where you started

“At this point you will look drastically improved compared to where you started working with us.  But we still have a lot left to accomplish ”

Head Coach, Founder and CEO of GetShredded

Week 12-18: You Love Your New Habits
At this point all the positive lifestyle changes will feel like second nature, you are now healthier and  better you!
Week 18-26: You're a Different Person
After 18-26 Weeks You look and feel like a different person, you're making progress with each passing week!

Your friends & family members also notice and congratulate you on your incredile progress.

Week 26-56: You finally become the Person You've Always Wanted to be
In this last stage of your transformation, you will experience multiple years of progress due to our methods, accountability and expertise.

Ready To Become Your Best Self?

Join 15 000+ people and let's transform your body NOW!