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I’m Coach Dorothy, better known as @thatfoodiewithbooty on social media, I'm the Women's Head Coach at GetShredded & I will be responsible for building your Dream Body!

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Excellent 4.9 out of 5

"I lost 40lbs, strengthened my bond with my husband, and couldn't be more thankful!"

Elena H. - VIP Coaching Client

I'm helping busy women to become curvy, sexy, healthy & confident.

Hey there, fabulous ladies – especially you, super-busy moms and amazing women who've seen and done it all! I'm here to be your guide on an incredible journey towards achieving the dream body you truly deserve.

Imagine having that flat tummy you've always wanted and those stunning curves you admire.I'm your go-to expert in creating a curvy, sculpted physique – it's all about gaining muscle where you want it and losing that extra weight, without any hassle.

But guess what? We're not diving into crash diets and grueling workouts. Nope, my secret sauce is all about sustainable, enjoyable methods that stick with you for life. Say goodbye to dieting drudgery, and let's make your wellness journey something you truly relish.

Now, here's the kicker – I'm not stopping at just helping you look and feel fabulous. I'm also all about biohacking, and that means we're unlocking the secrets to living longer, healthier lives while aging beautifully.

So, ladies, let's embark on this journey together. Picture yourself not just with your dream body but also enjoying a life full of vitality and timeless beauty. You're worth every bit of it!

I'm here to help you build a healthy, sexy, functional and feminine figure while developing positive lifestyle habits that will allow you to keep this body forever.

Client Reviews

"There's no such thing as being too busy, I lost so much weight!"
"I'm a young entrepreneur with a schedule that's always on the go. The dieting part never seemed to work for me until I started working with Dorothy. With her guidance, I've not only lost 35 pounds but also toned up in ways I couldn't have imagined. Thank you for making a busy life and a healthy lifestyle possible!"
Stacy W.
VIP Coaching Client
"Age doesn't mean anything"
"Being a 35-year-old mom made me feel like I had completely lost myself. You helped me rediscover my old self, not just physically but emotionally too. Your support and guidance have been life-changing, and I can't thank you enough for helping me find 'me' again."
Emily H.
VIP Coaching Client
"I'm 50 and fitter than ever now!"
"I've always been sporty, but a curvy butt was something I longed for. Dorothy made it happen! She tailored workouts that helped me achieve the curves I'd always wanted. It's never too late to work on your dream body, and I'm proof of that!"
Linda A.
VIP Coaching Client
"I was skinny, now I'm curvy"
"I was always skinny but had a stubborn little tummy aswell. She transformed my physique by helping me gain the curves I'd always wanted while losing that belly fat. It's incredible how her expertise has reshaped my body!"
Sophie K.
VIP Coaching Client
"An overall amazing experience"
"As a single mom and a nurse, my life was a whirlwind with no time for myself. I felt like I was losing my femininity. Dorothy showed me how to prioritize my health and well-being. Her guidance has been a blessing, and I've regained my confidence!"
Maria B.
VIP Coaching Client
"You made me age backwards"
At forty, I felt like I was aging too fast. She helped me slow down the clock and feel young and desirable again. Her holistic approach to fitness and biohacking methods have rejuvenated me inside and out."
Nina J.
VIP Coaching Client

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