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I’m Coach Vicky, Better known as @vickyfitnesscoaching on social media, I'm a Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach & Lifestyle Coach at GetShredded & I will be responsible helping you get in shape!

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A Little bit about myself

Greetings, I am Vicky, and my passion for fitness has been a lifelong commitment. Even during my pregnancies, I maintained my involvement in sports. While I've always maintained a slender physique, I realized that true health encompasses more than just avoiding excess weight; it's about cultivating strength and addressing underlying health concerns.

As my son entered his teenage years, our time together began to dwindle. To bridge this gap, I embarked on a solo fitness journey by attending the gym. Eventually, my son joined me, marking a pivotal moment in our lives. What initially began as twice-weekly gym visits soon transformed into a dedicated routine.

Today, I revel in a state of happiness, robust health, and an improved physical appearance that surpasses anything I've experienced before. To further my knowledge and dedication, I pursued formal fitness instructor training. My passion lies in helping individuals achieve their fitness aspirations, much like I did.

Beyond fitness, I've discovered the profound benefits of dancing, not only for physical well-being but also for mental agility and happiness. My advice to all is simple: embark on a fitness journey, engage in dance classes, and unlock the path to happiness and, most importantly, optimal health.

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